Admission to Moffats

Admission to Moffats can be into any year, provided that spaces are available.

The school is non-selective and non-discriminatory*, and is open to children of any race, nationality and religion. We welcome any child with the potential to benefit from what we have to offer and an attitude to work and behaviour that will benefit others.

We like to meet children before offering a place, to make sure that an education at Moffats is a suitable choice for the child. We recognise that this may be difficult for some overseas families, in which case we will advise as to what evidence and documentation we require.

We reserve the right to require the removal of a child whose behaviour becomes a matter of concern, or about whom parents withhold important information.

*The school recognises its duty under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments in order to enable a child to attend Moffats and to participate as fully as possible in school life.