Disgusting and Wonderful!

Outing to Mawley Town Farm

The plan was to pop over to our local dairy farm, Mawley Town, in order to learn a little more about farming before our next geography exam. Little did we know that Adelaide would be preparing to calve as we arrived, and she duly (and noisily) gave birth to a little girl calf in front of an audience of overawed 11-year-old Moffats children. ‘It was disgusting and wonderful all at the same time,’ said one child afterwards, as we toured the sheds of the youngest calves at feeding time, followed by the older bullocks and finally the robot-controlled milking parlour, where Rachel Robinson patiently answered a barrage of questions.

‘I have no doubt that their exam results will be enhanced by the visit,’ said Head Robin McCarthy, ‘but the calving was a moment of great revelation for many of them and will be their lasting memory of the afternoon. When they asked Rachel if she recommended farming as a career, I could see them really appreciating her answer, all thanks to Adelaide!’

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