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Richard Crook

Twelve months of fundraising for Moffats Society

9th December, 2011
With these blogs I hope to give everyone a flavour of what I am doing throughout my Twelve Months of Fitness. I had this idea to raise funds for the Moffats Society around six months ago, and having previously raised some money for the society over the years I wanted to do something different this time, the idea of taking part in a new event each month appealed as a way of helping the society and challenging myself.
I have a good idea of what I am going to do each month, and will write about them in future entries, in the first month I wanted do something eye catching and also tough. Cycling around 200 miles over two days seemed a good idea to achieve both, but I must admit to some concern. So far training is going well, but is still at a basic stage, I cycle around 12 hours a week at the moment, but this will need to increase dramatically over the next few weeks as I will need to do around 12 hours over the two days come the date of the challenge. This is going to mean a fairly frugal Christmas, and not too many big dinners or mince pies! Also the whole challenge (and training) is being done on the stationary bike you see pictured, you can’t trust the British weather this time of year, so fighting the boredom is also a factor.
I hope to write fairly regularly to keep everyone updated, or when I feel there is something interesting I can say, but now I need to sign off. I witnessed a fantastic Moffats Carol Concert earlier and have been busy helping Mr Paul prepare for it today but now the bike is calling, and I owe it a couple of hours of my time…

Mr Crook’s Fitness Blog: 12 months of fundraising
Story originally published
Dec 2011
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