Ponies beautifully turned out at the Moffats Gymkhana

Riding at Moffats

Many children at Moffats choose to ride. Even more love the country life, and our ponies play a big part in this.

Pupils who ride at Moffats find that everything is on hand, right here. There is no journey, no roads to cross. The school’s ponies (or your own pony, if you like) are accommodated in the original Georgian stables, or turned out into nearby paddocks, just a few steps from the house. The riding school and cross country courses also lie in our grounds, as do many options for hacks.

Equestrian XC Course at Moffats
Equestrian XC Course at Moffats

Your child will learn to ride under qualified staff, but not just to ride: we give our pupils a grounding in the care and handling of ponies, in stable management and in use of equipment. Our children love the hands-on experience that Moffats gives, and this is open to all whether or not they choose riding as an optional extra. Being a stablehand is hard but rewarding work, and an excellent opportunity to play a central part in the rural life of the school.

Moffats is a registered Pony Club Centre, and thus children can become members through the school and work their way through the Pony Club’s Efficiency Tests.

To round off each school year, the Summer Gymkhana combines a serious competition in the morning with an afternoon of fun classes — the feel of a Sports Day on horseback, and a day out for all the family!