Moffats boarding children on a weekend outing

Boarding at Moffats

We serve families who may be distant from school, indeed in any part of the world, and it is essential that they know their children are happy and very well cared for.

Therefore we have preserved the ‘family’ feel of Moffats. Our boarders grow up in a house built for a family, which remains a family home to this day, albeit a large one! Up to 6 pm every weekday they share this home and all of school life with the day pupils, but from the evening meal onwards they enjoy life in the smaller boarding community.

Boarding at Moffats: a purposeful rewarding experience
Boarding at Moffats: a purposeful rewarding experience

In our lovely house and its peaceful 100 acres, we nurture interest in communal activities such as games, shared leisure pursuits, projects – things that bring children together and make boarding a purposeful, rewarding experience. Of course our boarders also benefit from not having to travel daily, allowing more time for both study and leisure.

Moffats embraces modern technology as an aid to teaching and communication. Therefore we welcome systems such as Skype and Facetime, enabling children to keep in touch with family easily and cheaply. At the same we place limits on the use of digital and internet devices in free time, as we want our children to be active, healthy and sociable.