Little Moffats pupil receives close and caring attention

Little Moffats

Comprising the Kindergarten for ages 3 to 5 and Form One (5 to 7), Little Moffats has its own dedicated facilities, but also enjoys close integration with the Main School.

In the Kindergarten we embrace the EYFS philosophy that young children should think, explore, take risks and be themselves within a safe and happy environment. We make sure this environment is full of ever-changing stimuli. From the outset children are learning to combine self-sufficiency with teamwork under the supervision of our dedicated and caring staff.

A Helicopter visit to Moffats
A Helicopter visit to Moffats

In Form One your child works on the formation of good learning habits to prepare for the school life ahead. Children meet elements of the Main School curriculum through stimulating activities and lessons. Options also open up: individual music lessons, riding and dance, and finally sport and activities with the smaller children in Main School.