Aspects of the Moffats School community

The Moffats Community

Education at Moffats extends well beyond the classroom into every aspect of school. Indeed, part of what our children learn is a sense of joint responsibility for their community.

Children learn the value of ‘mucking in’ to get jobs done for the benefit of all, and are given the space to enjoy their childhood as individuals and as members of a community that lives, works and plays together.

Children join in with daily tasks. Community life at Moffats encourages children to want to ‘do their bit’, and to develop a positive approach to these tasks, which are undertaken willingly and happily, rather than grudgingly. Therefore we don’t use the allocation of chores as a punishment, but help children gain a sense of responsibility.

Moffats fundraising for Hope House
Moffats fundraising for Hope House

Our children are involved every term in supporting others outside the school, often raising funds for children’s charities such as Hope House Children’s Hospices and Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir. In all cases we make sure they understand what these charities do.

A wider community

School life also gets our children involved locally. We enjoy excellent relationships with neighbouring schools, both private and maintained. An example is the annual ‘Moffats Team Challenge’ which brings together children from primary schools for a day of problem-solving fun in our grounds.

If Moffats has inspired and equipped children to make a positive difference to the lives of those around them, then we have achieved much of what matters.


The needs of parents in daily life, as well as of children, are catered for by Moffats. We help parents balance demands by offering supervised care outside the normal school day. This can extend to occasional and part-time boarding.

We also welcome the involvement of parents in the social life of the school. The Social Committee is made up of volunteers from parents and staff, and organises events every year bringing families, friends and ex-pupils of Moffats together in support of the Moffats Society, which itself supports children in the school.