The History of Moffats

Moffats was founded as a preparatory school in 1934 by children’s writer Natalie Engleheart. The school began in a Hertfordshire house called Moffats, once the home of 16th century naturalist Thomas Moffat. Natalie was assisted by her sons John and David, who served as joint heads for many years, and whose own children and grandchildren now in turn play key roles in our family business.

The founder heads were influenced by the educational pioneers of the time, who understood the value of out-of-class activities in education. So Moffats embraced not just sport but a whole range of artistic and practical activities to broaden and enrich a child’s development.

As the Second World War loomed, the school moved to Lifton Park in Devon. In 1946 Moffats moved again, this time to Kinlet Hall in Shropshire.

During the ensuing seventy years, Moffats grew from a boys’ boarding school to one that was fully co-educational, both day and boarding, with a junior department known as Little Moffats. Another welcome development in recent years has been its growing international community, seeing children come from all over the world.

In 2017 the prep school closed and the Moffats School of English was born.