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On a very special day in July, our students went to church – not just to experience a C of E service (although it was a first for almost all) but to play a major part in it. With just a week to prepare, each English class prepared a piece of group poetry on the theme of nature and harvest, which they performed to the admiration of the congregation at the end of the service. They also learned three hymns, one of which was sung – to the initial consternation of some locals! – in Latin, French, German, Spanish and Italian!

Older volunteers also took on a Biblical prologue and the readings. In the words of one of the church wardens: ‘The contribution by the young people attending the Moffats School of English was extraordinary - I doubt if 35 of Kidderminster’s finest could have remembered those lines of poetry despite it being in their mother tongue.’

Diary entries that evening revealed that the impact on the students was equally profound, as they expressed pride in their achievements and appreciation for the warmth of their audience.

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