Accommodation and Welfare

As the children live and sleep in our lovely family home, they soon feel ‘part of the family’. The bedrooms are bright and spacious, with the boys and girls in separate areas of the house, and they share with others of their age and, where possible, of different nationalities.

Our care staff are kind and approachable, and look after all the emotional and physical needs of the children both day and night. We provide three cooked meals a day, as well as regular snacks, ensuring that the children have the energy to enjoy their busy weeks to the full. Parents can be confident of excellent medical support from our local doctors should the need arise.

We invite students to bring mobile phones/tablets so that they can communicate easily with home, but we limit phoning hours so that they are able to interact with us and the other children for as much of the time as possible.

Singing Happy Birthday in the dining room
Singing Happy Birthday in the dining room
Moffats is a lovely family school. She enjoyed the sports, music and food!